My name is Mark Norton. I have been in the fitness industry for 24 years 21 of those in the North Scottsdale area.  In that time I have a degree in kinesiology from the University of Colorado and have 6 National Certifications.  Because of my experience and education, I know how the body works and I am able to create a program that is most beneficial for my clients.  Fitness is not only the physical aspect of exercise.  It is also the mental and mindset around what you can accomplish and mental blockers that hold you back from reaching your health and fitness goals.  Knowing that I have studied mindset and the psychology of performance in order to help my clients on an even deeper level.  

My program is designed to help people from midlife to their golden years increase their mobility, strength and overall health.  I have a cap on clients that I will work with so that I can provide you with the coaching and attention that you deserve.  Everyone is different in their physical abilities you deserve a coach that cares about your success and creates a program designed for you.

The first step that I take with all clients is consultation to learn more about you, your health history and goals.  We then will go through a few physical assessments with corrective exercises.  If we are a good fit then we can start you on a program that is designed for you and your goals.  My programs are monthly and flexible scheduling times so that you are not committed to a long-term contract.  I want to earn your business. 

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